Let's talk about food

Let’s talk about food! 

All of us need it and I’m sure all of us love it.  But the question for all us is, when and what is best to eat before and after a workout.

There are many opinions from many experts on this topic. What I learned is that it really comes down to what works for your body is best.

Last summer I participating in a boot camp held by a Seattle Seahawks' football player.  I knew it was going to be a several hour endurance strength training event and I didn’t want to be hungry so I had one of my high protein shakes about two hours before we started. That turned out to be a big mistake. 

So from then on I began to research if protein or carbs are better or worse before a work out.  Everyone’s heard about carb loading before a marathon and I wanted to know if that applied to a strength training event.  So, I experimented with different carbs before I did a strength training session.  It turns out my body doesn’t like a lot of carbs or protein before I work out.

My body likes to work out on semi empty stomach. Before I work out I snack on some nuts, fruit or vegies and even some dark chocolate! I've learned that’s enough to keep me going through the workout and not feel exhausted or weak.

I also learned my body likes protein after I work out. I either have a protein shake or a high protein meal an hour or so after I work out.

What works for you?  We’d love to hear about your food strategies before and after you work out so it might help our community.  Post pics of your meals and share your recipes!