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About Us

Belcorva was created by a husband and wife team, Robby and Lindsey. Lindsey is an avid marathon and triathlon participant, who also enjoys yoga and exercise classes. Robby has a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, and a MBA.  He has a passion for starting businesses. Combining both interests we came up with the idea for Belcorva.

When Lindsey was training to do her first full marathon we noticed that most exercise clothing lacked pockets or places to store fuel, phone, or car keys when participating in a race. As we started designing our bottoms with pockets, we found that these pockets serve multiple functions beyond the needs of a distance runner. As the busy mother of 3 small children, Lindsey found that whether going to the gym, store or taking the kids on outings these pockets provided a place for her to store her phone, gym pass, ID, hotel keys, money and much more. When the pockets are not in use, they become barely noticeable.

Our logo means a lot to our family. It is a picture of the sun rising over the mountains. On March 30, 2016, Lindsey lost her little brother, who was one of her best friends, to suicide. Our company logo depicts the saying, "It's always the darkest before the dawn".  We hope that our logo will be a sign of hope for those people who are in a dark place.  Just as the sun rises, good things will come again.  Lindsey's brother always loved being outside and in the mountains. Our logo is dedicated to him and his life.  

The name Belcorva comes from a combination of our kids' names; Belle, Corbin, and Vera.

We set out to make quality exercise clothing at an affordable price. We work directly with manufacturers to bring down the cost and pass the savings onto the customer. 

Stay tuned for the future, we have big plans for the company. We will be increasing our products and designs as we continue to grow, always focusing on quality products at an affordable price.