Keep Moving Forward in Sporty Clothing, One Step at a Time

Our favorite words is FORWARD

Women are always moving forward and our Belcorva ladies are among the best at it. If you’re a marathon runner, you know what it means to move keep moving forward.  When ever we workout, we are moving our bodies and our minds which allows us to keep moving forward every day.

Forward is such an optimistic word, it’s an active word that means we are choosing the future and creating our own path. All of us will experience stressful events and there are a lot of ways to deal with them. When we feel stress and decide to move our bodies forward, we are choosing a healthy path forward. And Belcorva is proud to be a part of the path with you. 

Our only goal is to give you active wear that fits your life, clothes that let you move forward with comfort, style and functionality. 

Whether you do marathons, strength training, power walking, Pilates, yoga or any form of fitness, you are moving forward and we want to make sure Belcorva active wear helps you do that!

As we come to the end of summer, our workout routines and clothes change. Our runners, who love our Runner's Dream 5 Pocket Short will start to wear our capris, like our Blue Lace - Pocket Capri or the long pants, like our Black Mesh - Pocket Pant  so make sure you stock up now on what you need to move forward into fall and winter.

We’re proud and thankful to be a part of how you move FORWARD!